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Stitched pillowcase of queer teen on ledge.  Text in pink glitter:  Paint your Nails before You Jump

Harmon dot aut

Welcome to my gallery!

Venturous Playwriting Fellow 2023-2025

Welcome!  I am Autistic+, Disabled, Synesthete, Nonbinary, Queer, and Amazigh.  PneumaFractalist!  I am a writer, musician and Multi-disciplinary artist.   My practice is a celebration, a rallying cry for all of us to thrive and flaunt our exquisite differences. I dig seeing the labor in shaping/transforming materials and in playing with themes of impermeability.  I love the time-consuming ritual of stitching and embroidering objects, suturing concentration into various substances, some of which do not appear to be likely subjects for needle and thread.   I want to commune with you in a visceral, unflinching way -- open a dialogue between art objects and your hearts and super-fine minds.  I'm here for your truth, a good laugh, open ears and open eyes.   We are Thinking Together.  Love, guaranteed!
Thank you for sharing space with me. And now, once upon a time...